Voice from our guests

Voice from our guests

We have collected testimonials from our tour customers.

One Hundred Famous Mountains of Japan
Chokai Mountain Ski Trip 5 days

Read more During the period when I was unable to go on overseas ski tours due to the Corona overload, I was able to relieve stress by participating in this domestic tour and was very satisfied with the experience.
Chokai was a mountain that I wanted to ski at least once as I will turn 60 this year. The charm of mountain skiing is the thrill of climbing on your own feet, enjoying nature, and skiing. The tour was carried out despite strong winds during the tour period and icy slopes after the rain the week before. We were able to enjoy great mountain skiing.
On the second and third days, we put on skis and seals from the 7th station of the Nanatsugama refuge hut and attacked the summit, but due to strong winds on both days, we had to ski from the 9th station. The snow surface from the 8th station to the top was wind-crusted and icy, but as we descended, the condition became better and better, and the participating members were able to enjoy skiing. At the Forrester Chokai Hotel, where we stayed overnight, we enjoyed a sumptuous dinner and a relaxing bath.

On the last day, when we opened the curtains of our room after waking up, we saw Mt. Chokai bathed in the magnificent morning sun! The expressions of joy on the faces of all the participants at breakfast were unforgettable.
From the top of the seventh station, we started our attack with Mr. Shoji, our mountain guide, and Mr. Matsumoto, our tour guide, and Mr. Mizusawa, the president of Fellows, in the lead. Our guide, Mr. Matsumoto, suggested that if I was physically strong enough, I might try climbing directly up the 45-degree wall to the top of Mount Nanataka (2229M). I was thrilled when I saw the Sea of Japan from the summit. The view was unforgettable.
After putting on a harness and using a rope, we descended to Shinzan (2236M) and skied down a large snow ravine while viewing the outer rim of the mountain and the Senbetsu Valley. The skiing distance was about 10 km, which was no less than skiing overseas. The scenery, reminiscent of the valley of the Dolomites, was a moment of bliss, and I can still recall how excited I was. I feel that this is one of the best places in Japan. I would like to ski there again if I have the chance.
On the last day, we were able to see the sunset over the Sea of Japan, and on the last day, we were able to look over the slopes of Mount Chokai from Nikaho City.
This mountain ski tour was as attractive as any overseas tour. I highly recommend this tour to everyone who loves skiing. I would like to thank everyone involved for supporting this tour! Schi Heil!
Mr. H.S., Tochigi, Japan April 20-25, 2021

Traditional Snow Trail 5 days
Even beginner BC skiers will enjoy cat, seal, and off-piste skiing!

Read more I have been to many ski resorts and have experienced the beauty of skiing. This season, when I couldn't go skiing abroad, I was thinking about visiting ski resorts I had always wanted to visit in Japan, when I saw Fellow's guide to the "Traditional Snow Trail".
I had never had a chance to visit the Shiga-Manza route, the setting of the movie "Take Me Out to Ski," because it is in the category of BC skiing, but I thought that even though I am a BC skiing beginner, I would be comfortable on a Fellow's tour, so I applied. After getting acclimated on the first day, the second day's cat skiing on the 2nd stage of Yamaboku was very satisfying, with powder and clear skies. Shiranesan, which could be seen through a gap in the gas, gave us energy. The off-piste run to Manza was exhilarating, and we were able to carve a nice spur. On the last day, we skied through the forest from Manza to Nanami Onsen, which means that we circled Yamada Farm, Shiga Kogen, and Manza Onsen.
I am very fulfilled and satisfied with the five days of nostalgia and new challenges. Thank you very much.
K.K., Kanagawa Prefecture February 24-28, 2021

Nayoro, the perfect ski area

Read more The Nayoro Sunpillar, where we stayed, has delicious meals in the morning and evening, and the hotel staff's hospitality is excellent.
The freshly fried curry buns (200 yen per bun) are a must try.
The tour took us to Furano, Kamui Links, and Sun Pillar, and I liked Sun Pillar the best. The layout was comfortable for everyone and the snow quality was excellent. The layout was comfortable for everyone and the snow quality was excellent.
At the observatory in Nayoro, we watched the planetarium. The telescope showed us Aldebaran, a popular song in Japan.
I was looking forward to curling.
I wanted to watch the girls handle a 30-kilogram stone with ease on TV, but in reality, a human being flipped it over. I got to experience popping the stones, flipping them over, wiping the backs, and all the other things I saw on the video.
Adachi-san, a member of the Osaka staff, was a wonderful person, and it was the first time I skated with him. He was modest but very good. I would like to ski with him again.
If there is another time, I would like to go. It is a wonderful course that I would like anyone to visit.
Mr. U., from Hyogo Prefecture, January 30 - February 4, 2022

It's "too much snow" and you hit the jackpot. First time backcountry in Hakkoda

Read more We have always been interested in fresh snow and powder runs, but getting the right backcountry gear is a bit of a hurdle. And even more so for those of us living in Kyushu. And my skill level was limited to skiing in the non-pressure areas on the side of the slopes..." I thought to myself, "I'll just have to find my wife. My wife found "Hakkouda Powder Ski Special ". The tour was designed for backcountry beginners and included a beacon rental and tour guide. It was perfect for our niche needs.
Our first visit to Aomori Hakkoda was a bonanza, with locals saying it was "too much snow. The snow conditions were excellent, but we struggled mightily with the deep fresh snow. We were given individual lessons on short notice, which gave us a little more confidence to face the tour course.
From the next day, we were on the ropeway and on the tour course. Thanks to the tour guide, I was able to ski courses I had never seen before without any worries. From traversing through no-track forests, to traversing through vast snowfields and tree ice, to escaping from blizzards and falls in deep snow, we were able to enjoy so much more than we would have been able to experience on the slopes. It was also a pleasant surprise that we were able to visit the unscheduled Sangayu Hot Springs on the way to the tour. It was an intense 4-day ski tour. I was completely hooked on the allure of backcountry skiing, and I was left wondering when and where to go next. When and where will I go next? I am now worried about my physical fitness.
Mr. and Mrs. S, Nagasaki January 30 - February 2, 2022


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